Soap4R (as Maintained by RubyJedi)

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This is an updated fork of soap4r which aims to maintain forward compatibility with Ruby 1.8, 1.9, and JRuby.

The original soap4r project documentation by NAKAMURA, Hiroshi, v1.5.8 is still available through the Wayback Machine at "": .

I am (slowly) working on a new Website to refresh the documentation for those who are new to Soap4R. Long-time users, or users with legacy systems built upon Soap4R, all you really need to do is gem install 'soap4r-ng', and update some source-code references if needed. If you generated code through an older version of wsdl2ruby.rb or xsd2ruby.rb (1.5.5 or below), you will need to regenerate against your WSDLs and XSDs.